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HMP Highpoint - The Circular Economy of IT Disposal

I was recently fortunate enough to visit HMP Highpoint to see a fully operational ‘Prison Industry’ digital workshop, where old or end-of-life printers are taken to be dismantled and recycled. HMP Highpoint is a category C training and resettlement prison, …

Trauma-Informed Design: How we worked together to develop 'Exit this page'

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This blog post highlights how, at the MoJ Digital, we took a collaborative, open, and evidence-based approach to help keep people safe online. Let us rewind  Back in March 2020, I identified a high-risk gap in the service where users …

Balancing security and usability to add “save for later” to MoJ Forms

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We're working on MoJ Forms, an online application that helps MoJ colleagues create GOV.UK-style forms much more quickly and easily. It's great to see more and more services take advantage of MoJ Forms as we continue to add new features …