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A simple hiring process is a better hiring process

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Applying for a job within the Civil Service may seem daunting but what if I told you it wasn’t ...

Hiring should always be looked at as a great opportunity in an organisation

I mean why not, you’ve just had budget approval to recruit. New headcount means new faces, fresh ideas, and different perspectives. Very exciting times but what exact steps does one take to get these people in? A digital function within the business is to be user-driven as much as possible; focusing on the user allows us to see things from their eyes and make life easy for them.

As a Recruitment Support Manager, my first thought would always be what type of person does my customer want? That only works by speaking to them and finding out their team dynamics, where they want to grow, and the skills and personality required for the role. Finding out these things makes my job easier and ensures I get that ideal candidate for them. The unfortunate events of COVID-19 have had an impact on recruitment as a whole but we in Digital & Technology adapted fast to remote recruiting.

Aim to fully understand my customer’s needs 

I thrive on having great conversations with my customers and love to hear about the types of candidates they require. To ensure I stay on track I like to have everything down in the form of what my team calls a ‘Recruitment Contract’. This probably sounds scarier than it is, but honestly, it's everything a recruiter and customer have spoken about and agreed on. Probably safe to say, it keeps both parties accountable. I love the contract - it’s a piece of work that if done correctly, eliminates potential fires that may pop up in the future and gives us better outcomes in diversity and inclusion (which I’m a huge advocate for). We also provide a comprehensive pack for the hiring manager which provides a wealth of useful information and guidance on the hiring process from start to finish.

Now my contract is completed and I have the job description, let's get recruiting!

Pending a few necessary approvals, my role would be ready to go live. The first thing would be a well-written job description with an application process that is clear and straightforward. How do I attract candidates to apply and convince them that MoJ Digital & Technology is the right place for them? Throughout the hiring process, there would be various touchpoints where the recruiter would interact with the candidate.

Two things we’re currently working on to fill in gaps and potential pain points are:

  • We’re finding some of our candidates may not be clear on our eligibility requirements so we’re updating our guidance on Right To Work.
  • We’re also trying to send interview preparation documents so they’re prepped, comfortable and ready.

The Recruitment Team is always open to hearing new ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on how to improve the hiring process. Drop us an email at

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