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Weeknotes 2nd August

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Greetings. I'm Clive and I'll be your chauffeur for the weeknotes hereabouts. Please observe the no smoking sign, and keep your arms and legs inside the blog at all times.

The Civil Claims project continues to gather momentum. Daniela, Matthew, Kellie and others visited Willesden County Court and are meeting with focus groups to tweak requirements, and there has been a very positive meeting with stakeholders who liked what they saw. Recent joiner Tom Gladhill and brand new GDS secondee Chris Duraj are working on a prototype while Kellie focuses on visual design, Matthew on UX and Graham on the all-important copy - among other things simplifying some of the complex language involved.

Jonathan is making progress chasing many project engagements in their various stages, though I gather it's too early to say much more about that at this time.

The mighty Lisa Woo is back from holiday and organising retrospectives with a vengeance, and is also pleased to report that offers have been made to two - yes two! - delivery managers. More on that story as it breaks.

In the name of balance, Mat has gone on holiday and is even now sunning himself halfway up a piña colada tree or some such, but before he went he was continuing to improve the accessibility of the forms in the Lasting Power of Attorney application. Splendid.

Trent continues work around information assurance and the ever-rewarding fountain of joy that is procurement. Spare a thought for him, do.

Gavin reports that Employment Tribunal Fees has gone live, having conquered some late thorny terminology issues. Cue polite yet triumphant round of applause if you please. Also work progresses on the Prison Visits exemplar, with a Rails prototype in the works.

Eddie reports that he has completed his secret mission. He actually said that. But he's also focussing on designs for Prison Visits and on the recruitment side, has had a promising interview with a further UX person.

Vera continues to hold down the fort with legacy projects, and converting internal blogs to team blogs and other exciting stuff. If you didn't spare a thought for Trent earlier, do spare one for her. She's a rock.

As for me, I've been beavering away with Jan on the Tribunals Decisions project which is even now sweatily approaching the finish line. In fact I should probably go and get ready to wrap it in one of those tinfoil blankets rather than sit here waffling on to you.

It's Friday evening, you know. Shouldn't you be in the pub?

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