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Working at Justice Digital

About us

We design, build and support user-centred digital and technology services for the justice system: services that make a real difference to our staff, members of the public and their families who use them.

Millions of people every year interact with our services, and Justice Digital play an important role in improving access to justice and making that experience much easier and less distressing.

We are using digital, data and technology to build capability, work smarter and more efficiently. We want to create a digitally enabled end-to-end justice system which can adapt and respond to changing needs. We also make sure all our staff have the tools and technology they need to keep tribunals, courts and prisons operating effectively.

Meet some of the team

Working at Justice Digital will give you the chance to get involved with digital and technology projects that will change the way people interact with justice services. Here is a brief insight into what it's like to work with us.

Nikola, Head of Design, Leeds

Picture of Nicola, Head of DesignI’m the Head of Design for our Service Designers and Interaction Designers and I sit across all of our delivery areas, working closely with our Design Leads.

This is my first Civil Service role after spending a decade as Creative Director in large private digital agencies, where the emphasis was on selling things and the point of view was strongly business-centric. So it is very refreshing to focus on tasks that are “led by users”, where our main aim is to make sure we are solving the right problems and we are focussing on the users’ needs. 

As the Heads of Professions for the product and delivery and the user-centred design job families, we have also formed a delivery team to holistically solve problems, help us mature as an organisation and make sure our teams can do their best work. Together we tackle topics like knowledge management, working in user-centric ways and growing talent while we also work closely with the Justice Digital senior leadership team.

Our people here at Justice Digital are passionate about the work they do and we are here to make a difference by making simpler, faster and better services.

Ermias, Lead DevOps Engineer, Glasgow

I am a Lead DevOps engineer for the Technology Services team at the Justice Digital CloudOps & Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. My role involves managing and working with talented DevOps engineers across the country, and providing support for 85k+ Ministry of Justice users.

After my 10 min daily meditation, my first coffee is around 9:00am. Armed with a mug of americano, I start my day. There is no typical day. I could be responding to live service incidents, meeting with stakeholders or participating in daily stand-ups. I am currently working on modernising our systems by rearchitecting and or migrating to the cloud using infrastructure as code.

One of the great things about working for Justice Digital is flexible hybrid working arrangements. It’s a great feeling of knowing and taking part in delivering a justice system that works for everyone in society. It is great to see that the management team is genuinely passionate and working actively to develop a talented diverse workforce, especially in management roles.

Beverley, Accessibility Lead, London

I’m the Accessibility Lead for Justice Digital. My team operates across all Digital areas of MOJ, including Criminal Injuries Compensations Authority, Office of the Public Guardian and HM Prison and Probation Service, to help support them in creating and delivering accessible websites and online content.

I am a bit of an insomniac, so my days tend to start just after 10am, with a big cup of tea! On a typical day, I’ll join a consultancy session, which might be either supporting a team in an activity such as creating an accessibility statement, reviewing the accessibility of their online service, or reviewing an online document they’ve created. I’ll then start working towards one of our strategic goals, such as building a Content Hub, manage contracts with third party suppliers, or join team ceremonies to help us organise ourselves as a team. No two days look the same!

My favourite thing about working at the MOJ is the people. We have really wonderful people here, who are innovative and really care about what they do. My job means I get to interact with lots of them! This is closely followed by flexibility. I need to start my days later than most people, in order to be the best I can be (me before 10am is not a pretty sight), and the flexibility here allows me to do that. 

Jon, Head of Employee Engagement, Nottingham

My role is all about improving the day to day experiences of the people who work here. Personally, I find this incredibly motivating particularly when you consider the effect that long term negative experiences at work can have on people's mental and physical health.

So how do we do improve employee experience? One of the key things we do here is put employee voice at the centre of everything - with our frequent short sharp surveys helping us to have an ongoing dialogue with our people. This feedback focuses where we put local and organisational efforts and what we talk about in our communications. If it’s important to you - it's important to us!

With great people, a great mission and a true sense of purpose, there is plenty to love about Justice Digital and we only want to make things even better!

Who we're looking for

We're looking for talented, enthusiastic and passionate individuals who are excited by the challenge of designing digital public services, providing our staff with technology at least as good as they have at home.

Are you interested in helping us to make a real difference? If so we would love to hear from you.


All of our roles offer flexible working patterns, the option to job share or work part time. We have great training and career development opportunities, excellent annual leave, plus everyone gets up to three volunteering days a year to do charity work. We also offer up to 12 months maternity leave with 6 months at full pay, shared parental leave, and career breaks of up to five years (to raise children, travel or just take some time out), among many other great benefits!

Current vacancies

We are currently recruiting for a range of fantastic roles. You can see all our open vacancies on our job listings site.